golden vessel is my main project. i've been working on it for 7 or so years and that's actually a long time thinking about it.
in 2019 i released my debut album "slowshine". i wanted to make it with my very talented friends and the album kind of became about friendship because of this. 
hesitate was a stand-alone single i released with my friend emerson leif. when we first made the instrumental emerson said that he had a good idea about the lyrics and melody but he wasn't going to sing it for 3 months. i waited for 3 months and then was blown away with what he had been thinking up. we were sitting on the song for a year or two and then decided that it needed to come out.
"right/side" was my 2nd ep and was released in 2017. it was the start of me thinking more closely about songwriting and i enjoyed being involved in that process and also singing for the first time.
"before sleep" was the first ep i worked on. i released it in 2016 and it was my first big step into collaborating which has now really become the core of golden vessel.
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